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seen here before: the psychadelic drug so intense, you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. you can snort it. you can inject it.
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>> a big lab bust. heroin and something they've never seen here before. the psychedelic drug so intense, most people are too afraid to take it. good evening. i'm dana king. >> and i'm ken bastida. it is exactly the kind of hobby you don't want your neighbor dabbling in, a rare and dangerous kind of drug lab, right in downtown mountain view. cbs 5 reporter kiet do on the powerful hallucinogen being made in the heart of silicon valley. >> reporter: you're looking at the ingredients for one of the most powerful drugs that you've likely never heard of. it's called dimethyltryptamine, or dmt. >> you can snort it. you can inject it. and it's got -- it's a fast- acting hallucinogen. >> reporter: acting on tips from neighbors, a swat team raided the downtown apartment complex, just blocks away from popular restaurants and high- end condos. they found meth and heroin, along with shotguns and an
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assault rifle. but the dmt lab was the big catch. agents found it in the adjacent building on the floor of the laundry room. >> it would be probably only the third lab in the state, the third dmt lab, in the state, and the first one in the bay area, i believe. >> reporter: investigators say the yellow plastic jug contains muric acid. >> this is the asiddic plant solution that contains the dmt. over time, the two liquids separate and the workers take that off the top layer, which is the pure dmt. then they let it evaporate. it crystallizes. then they sell it. >> reporter: agents say it's ten times more powerful than lsd and it leaves users, quote, freaked out. the property owner says his tenants seemed normal. >> i didn't see anything, you know, illegal or fighting.
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>> reporter: neighbors say the suspects were drunk or high around the clock. one woman, who didn't want to appear on camera, is thrilled they're gone, after calling police numerous times. >> i live in a great neighborhood and i just want everyone to be safe. if you're gonna make bad choices, you should have the consequences for those. >> reporter: so it was not a large or sophisticated operation. nonetheless, had they finished what they started cooking, the total street value would have been in the tens of thousands of dollars. live in mountain view, kiet do, cbs 5. remember when it was in the 80's just a couple of days ago? now we're teetering on the edge of the 40's and it's snowing in the sierra. drivers had to pull out the chains at blue canyon on i-80 today. cbs 5 chief meteorologist paul deanno with the controls of our high-def doppler. right now, the thing more widespread is this cold. 50 in san franciscoment on your
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way to the 40's. 39 in santa rosa. you're gonna flirt with freezing tonight. and fairfield, concord and napa may very well drop into the 50's. this afternoon in san jose, nearly 30 degrees cooler. mid 50's. some more showers building to our north. we're dry on the peninsula right now but new showers moving into marin county and also sonoma county. i'll have a look at your weekend forecast, talk about which night is going to be the coldest and breaking news about el nino. i'll have that coming up. and new tonight, a raging fire destroyed a house in san francisco's monterey heights neighborhood. a neighbor shot this video just moments after flames broke out around 6:30. the neighbor tells us the house had been abandoned for many years and was currently being renovated. flames also torched the wall of a nearby house. tonight the u.s. military is taking disciplinary action against a group of elite navy seal's because of what the men
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did for a bay area company. cbs 5 reporter christin ayers shows us the video game that may reveal government secrets. >> reporter: they call it medal of honor war fighter. a war video game so life-like that its creators, redwood city based electronic arts, consulted with current members of the navy's storied seal team, including the men who may have helped take down osama bin laden. now seven seal's have been reprimanded, their pay partially forfeited, for leaking classified military secrets. the game does not re-create the bin laden raid and it's unclear what information the seal's shared. the navy is not discussing the breach but says the seal's have been punished for misconduct. quote, we do not tolerate deviations from the policies
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that governor who we are and what we do as sailors in the united states navy. since the raid that brought down bin laden, the seal's team has become a source of intrigue. other seal's are starring in a hollywood movie, act of valor. >> i think eight of them, one of them may be out now, that participated in this. it started off as a recruiting film. >> reporter: the bin laden raid will also be the subject of the hollywood movie dark 30, set to premiere in september. but it's the unapproved disclosure of information to electronic arts that has seven seal's facing punishment now. the reprimand that the navy seal's receive could hurt any future chances for promotion. in redwood city, christin ayers, cbs 5. we're
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getting a look at the mountain of loot two women are accused of stealing from bay area homes. this is what officers say they found in the women's car. lots of handbags, jewelry and electronics. police believe the women burglarized 15 homes since june in santa clara, san mateo and contra costa county. >> to be honest, it was a little surprising to see the magnitude -- first of all, the magnitude of the items found, not only the magnitude but just the distance traveled to execute these burglaries. >> police have returned some of the items but they're still looking for others. more money lost on wall street today as the dow lost another 120 points to close at its lowest level since july. what has traders worried enough to go on a two-day selling binge? >> the so-called fiscal cliff. >> the so-called fiscal cliff.
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>> the impending fiscal cliff. >> it's a cliff. and not going over it depends on cooperation in washington. so why worry, right? cbs 5 reporter elizabeth cook walks us to the precipice and looks over the edge. liz? >> reporter: in reality, the fiscal cliff is a deadline for congress and the president to reach a deal on the bush-era tax cuts. if you think this is something that just affects folks in washington, think again. the average household could pay an extra 2- to 3,000 in taxes. 1200 programs could be cut and it could increase the unemployment rate from 7.9 to 9%. for others, it could actually be worse. take a single mother with two kids making $50,000 a year. if we go over the fiscal cliff, she'll pay an extra $1,000 for an increase in social security
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taxes. and more than $1,000 because the bush-era income tax cuts are set to expire, meaning an extra $3,000 out of her paycheck next year. today, vice president biden predicted the two sides will come up with a solution. >> we're not going over the cliff. we're determined not to go over the cliff. >> reporter: it's not just the bush-era tax cuts. going over the cliff would also trigger massive federal spending cuts. that combination could push us back into another recession. the president will talk about all this when he makes his first official post-election comments tomorrow. elizabeth cook, cbs 5. he has been criticized for being too cool, too detached. and some of you say aloof. but when president obama personally thank the men and women who help get him elected and reelected, he teared up. >> what you guys have done...
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i'm really proud of that. i'm really proud of all of you. and... and when you... [├▒applause├▒] >> that was the president thanking his campaign staff in chicago yesterday before heading back to washington. they're plastic guns that fire real bullets. how 3-d printers can make homemade weapons that are completely legal. and what parents can do to keep their kids from developing a peanut allergy. >> 30, 35 minutes away, but today we were about an hour and a half. >> shopping event of the year and it was total madness. the chain reaction on a bay area freeway.
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there is a new way to build a homemade gun that metal detectors cannot detect. it's perfectly legal and unregulated. cbs 5's allen martin shows us how 3-d printers are being used to make plastic guns that will be able to fire real and deadly
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bullets. [ sound of gunshots ] >> reporter: they come in all shapes and sizes. and now there's a whole new way that a piece can be produced. >> it's a project that developed an idea. >> reporter: the brain child of a university of texas law student has become a reality, thanks to something called a 3- d printer. the machine actually looks like a photocopier and usually generates models like these. but the group is looking to make a real gun. here's how it works. the design of the gun is programmed into a 3-d printer. the printer then shapes a piece of hard plastic into a fireable weapon. the process takes hours. the group is collecting designs from contributors around the world. the final schematics will be distributed online. then anyone with a 3-d printer and a computer will be able to print a gun at home. >> we've now crossed the threshold. we're there. we will have the reality of a
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weapon system that can be printed out from your desk. >> reporter: the printers cost anywhere from just a few thousand to 100,000. making a gun in your garage or basement for personal use is well within your rights. >> a law-abiding citizen who decides they want to manufacture a firearm for themselves can do that legally, as long as that gun doesn't meet certain criteria. >> reporter: they add, making a gun at home is nothing new. that doesn't mean they won't be keeping a careful eye on it, as 3-d printers could bring a new dimension to making weapons in the u.s. >> if it becomes a concern for public safety, we will go out with messages to the public on some of the concerns and the do's and don'ts with that. >> reporter: allen martin, cbs 5. as for those texas grad students, the company that had initially leased them the 3-d printer took it back. but we talked to the student, and he is confident that he will have access to a new 3-d
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printer soon. it's not your imagination. pollen is getting worse these days. and it turns out, being wealthy might make your child more likely to have a peanut allergy. what is he talking about? a study from the american college of allergy, asthma and immunology finds greater childhood allergy rates among wealthier families. in other words, quote, oversanitation -- again, their words -- might suppress the natural development of your kids' immune system. you oversanitize them. just one factor that bay area researchers have suspected. >> if there's a genetic component, that's something that's inherited from family to family. but in addition, there's something in the environment. >> also in the environment, more pollen, warmer temperatures. we're talking about climate change here. not make-believe. they produce higher pollen counts. researchers say by the year
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2040, those counts could double, meaning twice the suffering. day one, and it was a madhouse at the mall. this was a view from chopper 5 earlier tonight. 580 was backed up all day long around the new paragon outlets in livermore. juliette goodrich talked to people who waited hours to shop. i hope they got some deal, juliette. >> reporter: they did. once they got inside. normally we do live shots in empty parking lots. take a look at this. it's like a concert just got out. shoppers are still leaving the outlet after 11:00 tonight. a headache getting in. but they say once they were inside, they had that shoppers' high. it was a party at paragon. music, wine, and a festive and jam-packed opening night at the high-end shopping outlet. >> we don't have to go to vacaville anymore. i think it's fabulous. there's so many different stores here. >> reporter: but getting here, a differented a venture, unless you rode your bike. >> i got out of work a half
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hour early. >> reporter: natalie sat in this backup for an hour and a half. her incentive? a swag bag giveaway. did she get it? good if you don't have a wrist band, you don't get the bag. they said they had them for 750 people but they're out. they're gone. >> reporter: even those who heard there was traffic saw the news reports on the traffic and still decided to come and sit in the traffic. irene williams lives in bay point. >> it was like the 49er game. >> reporter: we spotted the infamous swag bag with little giveaways and we spotted a lineup of shoppers who decided 50% off seemed like a giveaway. >> so it's worth waiting in line for the 50% off obviously? >> yes. even if we're not buying anything. we're just curious to see what they have. >> reporter: as for the mood, lively and lucrative for both
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shoppers and merchants. >> they actually made their sales plans already, by about 11:30 this morning, so we know people had a great day here. >> reporter: the outlet closed at 11:00 tomorrow. it's open till midnight friday and saturday nights and they will have traffic controls to ease the congestion over the weekend. juliette goodrich, cbs 5. >> people were waiting in line for swag bags. the other side of the country, people hit by hurricane sandy were digging out of a nor'easter. the new storm brought snow, ranging to two inches, where sandy hit to more than a foot in parts of connecticut. in rockway, new york, the storm left a blanket of thick, wet snow, on trees that were already weakened by the hurricane. at least 123 deaths being blamed now on sandy officially and more than 767,000 people in four states are still, after this many days, without power tonight. and we want to thank everyone
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who donated during our sandy relief telethon today. we raised almost 135,000 for the red cross, thanks to your generosity. our parent company matched almost 18,000 in employee donations. if you still want to contribute, you can go to around here, our stormy season can be an el nino winter. they were predicting an el nino for this winter. noah now says el nino will not happen this winter. so el nino is a no-go on the west coast this year. so not happening. tell you what's happening tonight. it's going to feel like winter. napa, 39. santa rosa, 39. this is what you wake up to. fremont, san jose, redwood city, in the mid 40's. video to show you from union square. kind of feels like the
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christmas season. there's a big christmas tree to go along with it. it looks beautiful. high-def doppler now picking up some showers on the radar building in from the south and west. do not be surprised, with that chilly air that moves in tonight, we will also have showers tomorrow morning. showers building as upper-level low pressure is moving in and a good chance some of those showers will be snow showers at our highest peaks. mount diablo, forecast to see snow showers tomorrow. the source for all of this change, snow in the higher elevations, big counterclockwise swirl. it's here now. it will be chilly. it will be breezy. it will be showery tomorrow. up from anchorage, alaska, all the way down here, it's going to be cold, with everybody getting into the 30's both saturday night and sunday night. tomorrow, 50's for highs. livermore, 57.
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should be in the upper 60's. sunnyvale, 58. walnut creek, 58. pleasant hill, 57. and marin, sonoma, napa, as well,. sunday, mainly sunny for veterans day. monday, we're dry. showers back on tuesday and wednesday. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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lawn of a well, it sounds like something out of the godfather, the movie. someone dumped hundreds of dead gold fish on the front lawn of a sorority at uc davis. whoever dumped the fish also cut brake lines on bicycles left outside the alpha phi house. the vandals also rummaged through unlocked cars and reportedly stole a wallet. >> that's a large amount of fish to be dumping around. >> that's pretty upsetting to me. >> several other uc davis
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sorority houses have also been hit with pranks this hit. the amazing something about a football player named sam. next. ,,,,
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curry and andrew b the success of the warrior season was predicated on the health of steph curry and andrew bogut's ankle. andrew bogut has already been shut down. he will be sidelined for seven to ten days. last night, he was having trouble moving around on his ankle. >> this is not a setback. it's our staying true to the process. >> a little bit of struggle on the ankle, to promote his power and, you know, movements. i feel like i'm a liability out there. >> not a setback? that's a setback. maybe andrew bogut should have gone to buster posey's doctor. the giant catcher won a silver slugger award at his position. and billy beane has been named major league's baseball executive of the year.
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the a's won the american league west despite having the league's lowest payroll at 55 million. exclusive girl's volleyball. look at the nice set by gianna to ilene. they win the title for the 17th time since 1989. that is a city dynasty. jeff kent was voted off survivor. let's just say he wasn't too happy about it. >> you know what pisses me off? i think i made about $60 million playing baseball. and this is not even $1 million bucks. it's 600 grand by the time obama takes it. i played in the biggest games in the world and the worst games in the world, but this sucks. at no. 4, andrew luck's magic
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continues. he didn't throw for any scores but he ran for two. the colts beat the jags. river land community college, it's a three quarter shot to win the game at the buzzer. no. 2, watch these tackles. that's a young lady by the name of sam gordon. she is nine years old. she's got 55 tackles for the pop warner team. no. 1, that's not even the most impressive part. she rushed for 1,011 yards and scored for 35 touchdowns. she averaged 8.2 yards per carry. we're not speeding up that tape. that is sam gordon. she beat the boys in agility drills and speed. sam gordon is no. 1. >> wow and i'll bet she's a good sport too. jeff kent can take a lesson. we'll be right back.
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thanks for your donations today for the hurricane relief. much appreciated! ( bandla
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